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24 February 2011

KAME darl... Here, have your birthday cupcakes!

Err.. actually, I am not the one who supposed to say that.
But I just say it on behalf of a dear friend of mine, who loves Kazuya Kamenashi @ KAME, 
from the boy band KAT-TUN from Japan.
He he.
'Kame' is also mean turtle. So now you can relate why I made all sort of colors of turtles here.
Faz requested this set of cupcakes to celebrate her idol birthday, on 23rd February.
I think she'll send the pics to Kame's website & have the cupcakes to herself.
ha ha best kan? 
In case you're wondering, here is Kame himself!

Do not confuse with the one below. That one is mine! hehe
(yea yeaa i heard you.. but I still like him & his songs still the BEST ever!)

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