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25 December 2011

Fondant figurine ~ Father-in-law who works as an X-ray technician

Order placed by Uma too, she wanted a figurine of an old man with white hair, which is her father-in-law, who works as an X-ray technician.
She sent me a pic of him.
Yes he does hv white hair & mustache, wearing glasses too.
So I made 'him' with white hair but not that 'white' as I don't want it to be the same color as the lab coat
(I guess a lab technician wears a lab coat, errr.. kan?).

At first I thought I don't want to make the glasses bcoz I failed to do so to the 'Granny with knitting hobby'.
Punyer le susah nk buat glasses sbb asyik pataaahhh jer... huhu
But finally I managed to make the glasses on this man wearing a lab coat.

The challenge this time is to make the file he's holding to stay still.
As the order was a short notice, hence, I did not hv much time to wait the file to dry completely.
But if its not dried enough, it won't stay still on his hand.
 So I asked Uma if she could give me more time to finish up the figurine, and she agreed.

So here 'HE' is, white hair, wearing a lab coat holding an X-ray file on his right hand.
Hope you love it Uma ;-)

With other figurine.. 
Looks like a doctor attending a patient le pulak... huhuhu

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