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07 April 2013

NEW! Cute fondant figurine classes for beginners...

When I fist started cake decorating, I always thought that buttercream is the ONE for me.. Then when I get to know buttercream & steam buttercream, practice more often.. Then one day, I accidentally enrolled myself to a fondant cupcakes decorating class. I thought I enrolled for buttercream class but I when I was there.. the teacher teaches FONDANT FIGURINE!

I was like... WHAT?? this is not what I requested before!
But hmm.. since I have already paid the fee (it was in 2008, I think) so I have to do laa what ever the teacher teaches.. right? Did it half heartedly.. but I did it. When the class over, the teacher said to me that I got the talent with fondant. I senyum mcm dah nk taknak dah time tuu.. huhuhuhu..

Then, I started to venture into fondant & gumpaste more often.. since then, I don't want to look back! I am alreay in LOVE with fondant & gumpaste arts. Yes, Allah knew what my talents are.. and He knew I WILL in love with FONDANT arts more than buttercream. Probably that was why I accidentally enrolled into that class hehehe.

So this year, in 2013 (5 years after my first fondant class),I would like to share my knowledge & skills so you can create your own figurines :-)

These syllabus are very suitable & probably the MOST USEFUL ONES for those who wanted to upgrade their cake decorating skills using fondant & gumpaste.
Some modelling tools & cutters may be required, however the most USEFUL & PRECIOUS tools are your own FINGERS. 
I will teach & guide you to get the skill required to make cute & neat little figurines. 

Contact me for class booking: 
HP: 017-7570877
Whatsapp: 017-7570877

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