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ABOUT The Founder

A female, a mother, holding a Bachelor degree in Food Technology, who always in love with foods, involved in nutritional and pharmaceutical industries for years before establishing eLyza about 4 years back on part time basis.
Being a graduate in Food Technology gives me many added advantages of how ingredients are functioning in cake baking and decorating, however skills can only be acquired by hands-on experience and not through reading or writing papers or journals. So I started small with only a few choices of cheese brownies under the supervision of my aunt, and an online homebaker as well, then further gained cake decorating skills and arts from many experienced cake decorators in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor. Hence the name, eLyza brownies. And now the business is registered under Le Shakira Ent.
Some of the classes and skills that I have acquired are:
  1. Fondant cupcakes design
  2. Wedding steam buttercream cake
  3. Teddy bear cake decorating
  4. Stacked fondant wedding cake decorating 
  5. Mini topsy turvy fondant cake
  6. Basic sugar flowers
  7. Wedding couple figurines
  8. Cream puff and layer sponge cake
I always adore how the western cake designers present their masterpiece elegantly in their websites or blogs. Beautifully photographed. Knowing that, I took a food photography session by Sony Centre (since I bought Sony Cybershot in 2011) and then, acquired a brand new DSLR Nikon 5100 in 2012. Been practicing to capture the best features of my cakes since then :-)
  1. Food photography - @ Sony Photography Centre
  2. Nikon Basic DSLR course - @ Nikon Centre
Not forgetting, one of the most important & compulsory course for all food handlers in Malaysia.
  1. Kursus Pengendali Makanan
As learning is a never ending journey so this is not a stop. Been thinking to gain more knowledge and enhance my skills in cake baking and decorating, and photography. At the same time continuing and upgrading my cake's standard for all my beloved customers :-)

Eliza @ eLyza brownies Dec 2012


  1. Hi Elyza, wish you all the best in your business !! Samson Ding

    1. Thank you so much Samson for the lovely wish. I wish u have a great life too!


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